Now that’s a pantry!



Kitchen cleaning days are almost over- anyone want to come wash all the dishes in my sink? And does anyone know why I have so much corn starch?

I threw out all the dried herbs and spices that have languished in my cupboard since our wedding. They didn’t look too fresh then, either, haha. For how much more space there is in my cupboards I really didn’t throw away much- reorganizing helps a lot! I’m happy to find out that I’ve been pretty good about getting rid of things we don’t use. This is a busy, busy, part of the house- it’s not big, and the layout is odd, so I need to be smart about how it’s organized.

As I went through things, I wrote a list of unopened items- extras of what I was already using. I seem to forget whether I have extra mustard, or butter, or noodles. I need to go through my freezer and basement food storage to finish the list and see what I’m low on.




Clockwise from top: vermicelli noodles (leftover from rolls), sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and green peppers, white rice, gyoza, spring rolls, dipping sauce, edamame, and leftover roll ingredients (cucumbers, spinach, shrimp, and chopped cilantro.)    Gyoza was store bought, sweet and sour sauce from frozen from a previous  meal.  Edamame was cooked from frozen.